Property Service Option 4 - Management Service

Summary: Flatline will take over the total responsibility of your property for you.

Our Service Includes:

  • Meeting the owner or agreed representative at the property and agreeing the current market value rental for the property.
  • Extensively marketing the property for rental.
  • Accompanying all prospective tenants on viewings at the property.
  • Taking up references from a prospective tenant's bank and employers, as appropriate and obtaining any required guarantees.
  • Arranging an Assured shorthold six month tenancy or other such tenancy, as agreed with you.
  • Collecting from the tenant an agreed dilapidation deposit (normally one month's rent.)
  • Notifying the authorities of the take-over of services by the new tenant, including electricity, gas, water, sewerage and Council Tax.
  • Issuing a 'schedule of contents and conditions' to the tenant to avoid dispute at the end of the tenancy as provided by you.
  • Collecting monthly rents, placing these in our client account and disbursing to your bank approximately 18 days after collection.
  • Issuing you with a monthly statement of account
  • Issuing the statutory notice in order to terminate a tenancy. Please note that if the property is required at the end of the six month period, notice has to be served not later than the end of the fourth month of the tenancy, therefore providing the tenant with their statutory two month's notice expiring on a rent date.
  • Ensuring at the termination of a tenancy the property is thoroughly cleaned as necessary and the inventory checked.
  • Repaying the dilapidation deposit to the outgoing tenant after deductions of any necessary expenses, excluding any maintenance, which occurred during the tenancy, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Undertaking the responsibility for arranging all maintenance that may be required at the property during the tenancy and settling all accounts on your behalf.
  • Detailing all expenditure that has been necessary on your monthly statements and supplying you (and where appropriate your Accountant) with copies of all bills
  • Obtaining current gas, fire alarm and electrical safety certificates as these become due and deducting the cost from your monthly statement.

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