Student Registration

Terms & conditions

I, the first named declare that I a acting as an agent for the whole group and that we, myself included, jointly and separately agree to the following conditions:

No fee is payable for registration and viewing.

If any member of the group accepts a property introduced to us by FLATLINE, or if FLATLINE have arranged the tenancy contract, we agree to pay the full agency fee on acceptance.

The fee is 35% of the first full month's rent on the house or flat as a whole plus VAT.

The fee will also apply if any member of my group accepts the tenancy of a different property owned by a landlord that FLATLINE introduce to the group. Applicants must verify the contents and facilities of any accommodation offered to them. Care is taken to give a fair description of the properties but FLATLINE can not be held responsible for any inaccuracy.

This is an electronic signature for the purpose of the Electronic Communications Act 2000 which I incorporate into this contact with Flatline and is intended to have legal effect.

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